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Adding Value Beyond Top Line Revenue

Most business owners start businesses because they want personal freedom: the ability to drive their own destiny. That drive for personal freedom is part of their life and retirement doesn't stop that, so when it is time to retire, having the flexibility to do what they want, when they want will still be a priority.

When thinking about retirement, most owners look to their business as the source of the means to continued support for their freedom and lifestyle, and they turn to thinking about the value in their business.

In the end, owners know that real payoff will come from the sellable value they have built in the business, not from what they have earned out of the business. Yet, when business owners think of how valuable their business is, they typically only focus on top line revenue, overlooking the other, critical key factors that drive sellable value.

In the accompanying eBook, we explore how other, critical value drivers, can impact sellable value beyond top line revenue, because in the end the fastest way to create value in a company is to focus on what drives value in your company.

ARTICLE - The Owners Metric - VB
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