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GROWTH & DIVERSIFICATION - “They challenged us to address and focus on the pinch points within our business...  created a safe environment for the team, asked us the tough questions that needed to be asked, and gave us the tools to successfully implement the growth solutions.”

Vice President, Mid-Size Geomatics Company


NEW LEADERSHIP & DIVERSIFICATION - “They enabled us to get clear on what our company stands for and create an amazing company culture. They provided the tools and best practices to allow us to tweak, tailor and elevate our culture”

Co-Owner, Land & Engagement Company


OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE & DIVESTMENT - “They have great experience with business teams and combined with his ability to be a clear and articulate communicator / facilitator… and we have been using many of the tools they first introduced us to now for over 5 years.  These tools have become cornerstones  and were key to the sale of our business”

President, Mid-Size EPCM Engineering Company


TEAM BUILDING & RESTRUCTURING - “They were able to get us started on a major transformation initiative within the organization that we had been pushing off for a while. They prepared us well for hard but honest conversation that needed to be had”

VP Business Development, Sector Leading Software Company


HYPER GROWTH - “The professional insight they provided has been instrumental to the many changes we have made in our organization. We did not realize the number of changes our organization required to be successful”

CEO, Construction Contracting Company


TEAM BUILDING & RESTRUCTURING - “They have the ability to create honest and open spaces for people to share and grow… and does an exceptional job of bringing people together and guiding them through a strategic process that brings on measurable results”

President, Industrial Education Company

GROWTH & TRANSFORMATION - "They were instrumental in guiding our company through a transformation that was necessary to ensure sustained productivity, efficiency, profitability and longevity. They equipped our team with business tools that strengthened our core understanding of the operation and ensured that we maintained a team of A-players that truly embraced our core values.  To ensure effective implementation of these tools, they firmly and diligently kept us accountable to ongoing assigned tasks and weekly progress. The combination of the corporate revitalization and diligent monitoring that they instilled in our team was imperative for our firm’s survival through an unforeseen prolonged recession. They provided our team with candid insights that would allow us to evaluate our situation from different perspectives, which was important in changing the status quo and invaluable in the transition planning and execution that moved our company to a better place. We could not have done it without them."

VP Projects/Co-founder, Engineering Consulting Company 

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