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Supporting the Full Exit Lifecycle

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MExit™  (Maximum-value Exit Planning & Execution) has a proven Know to Grow to Sell” program for small-medium business owners. We provide the people, tools & processes you need to sell your business for more. Proactive exit execution is the key to having the personal & financial legacy you truly want from your business. 

Owners must be prepared for all 3 stages of the exit...

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A Great Exit Requires 2 Plans

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If you want to set yourself up for a great exit, then you need a plan, in fact, you'll need 2 plans.

PLAN 1 - The Owner's Exit Plan (Know) – regardless of size, every owner needs to develop a plan with a clear understanding of the legacy they want to have, and how they will achieve it. Every owner needs to define their own personal goals in their exit (and beyond) and then the ownership team needs to share those aspirations to be aligned in developing the ownership team’s plan for an exit where everyone wins. 

PLAN 2 - The Business's Growth Transformation Plan (Grow) – Your exit readiness and exit attractiveness are determined by the effectiveness of your team, & their proving their ability to grow the business (without depending on the owners). The business growth transformation plan is how you grow & develop your team, who in turn will grow the business, making it ready for sale & attractive to a strategic buyer. This is the key to selling your business for more

ESG Can Increase the Sale Value
of Your Business


Strategically, to win the exit game and score the greatest value, take Wayne Gretzky’s advice, “skate to where the puck is going”.  For business, the puck is rocketing toward sustainability & ESG (environmental, social, governance) conscious businesses. You can add significant value to your sale price if your business has embraced and lives the ESG-conscious business principles. ESG is the key to attracting money, clients, the best talent & to earning a social license to grow in the new normal. You can also use it to differentiate your business so it stands out like a shiny penny (that gets picked up) in the over-heated M&A market.

Your Exit Depends on Having the Best People, Grow Them or Lose Them

Simply put Harvard says, if you want to attract and retain the best talent, you've either got to grow them or you'll lose them. Open group leadership training is the most cost-effective way for you to retain talent, build morale, break down silos, engage, motivate & connect all generations of your staff & develop your ESG conscious high performance culture. It is even more attractive given the government funding available for such programs.


Maximizing Value for Buyers


Maximizing the value of your acquisition doesn’t just happen, HBR says 70-90% of acquisitions fail to achieve their intended goals. Taking your new acquisition to the next level is a conscious growth transformation, requiring you to empower the team with a clear vision, strategic goals, planned action, executed well, producing a great, high-growth business.

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