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Future Leaders Development

Grow Your People to Grow Value
in Your Business

(grow them or lose them)

Your ability to transition out & the sale value of your business depends on having great people, that stay in the business.  Developing leaders at every level in your organization is the key to succession & transformative growth. It is your people who build your high-performance culture that drives growth & attracts strategic buyers & investors who will pay a premium.

If you want to attract, engage & retain the best talent then you must grow them or lose them.


MExit provides a future leader development program delivered to all of your staff that creates a high-performance, unified culture. It is designed to bridge the gap between generations & create a “one” team culture of leadership without titles.

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The Most Cost-Effective Way to Consciously Transform Your Culture:

Large group Networkshop™ training is the most cost-effective way for you to retain talent, build morale, break down silos, bridge generations, engage & motivate your staff to a high-performance growth culture:

  1. Attract & retain the best talent

  2. Build culture & morale - real engagement bridges generations & breaks down silos

  3. Practical to involve everyone with 90-minute modules

  4. Low cost per person (cohorts up to 80)

  5. Qualified for professional development hours 

  6. 2/3 of costs can be covered by government training grants

Future Leaders Development Program

“Leadership Without a Title”

Leadership is not about titles, it’s about a passion for excellence & making a difference, you want everyone in your business to think and act like a leader. MExit's Future Leaders development is offered as an internal corporate leadership certificate program(s); Level 1 & Level 2. Networkshops™ are formatted as 1 ½ hour sessions that can be delivered as learning lunches, breakfasts, or after-work sessions which makes it practical to deliver to all of your people. Sessions can also be combined into 1/2 day events if desired. The design is 60% presentation of proven best-practice frameworks, 40% experiential, collaborative small group discussions to build relationships. To anchor & sustain learning, peer-mentoring, accountability partners & action commitment forms are used to provide support between workshops. Individual and custom Networkshops™ are also available.


The Leadership Challenge:

  1. Model the Way

  2. Inspire a Shared Vision

  3. Challenge the Process

  4. Enable Others to Act

  5. Encourage the Heart



  • A Culture of Accountability

  • Agile Change Management

  • Behavioural Profiling

  • Better Meetings

  • Building & Using KPIs

  • Building Great Teams

  • Coaching for Performance

  • Communications Toolbox


  • Crucial Conversations

  • ESG is the Future

  • Getting Things Done

  • Hiring the Right People

  • Indigenous Awareness

  • Innovation

  • Making Yourself Promotable

  • Networking to Success

  • Performance Management

  • Respectful Workplace

  • Role Mapping

  • Talent Mapping

  • Team Problem Solving

  • Team Decision Making

  • Trust Building Using TQ

MExit's future leaders development programs are a key component of the Business Growth Transformation Program but are also available independently or on an ad-hoc basis. 

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