Future Leaders Development

Your Exit Depends on Having
Great People

(grow them or lose them)

Your ability to exit & the sale value of your business depends on having great talent. Young professionals (20-39) are the biggest, most ESG-conscious generation in history & they are your future leaders, staff & customers, & the key to building a high-performance culture that attracts strategic buyers who will pay a premium for your business. If you want to:

  • attract them,

  • engage them, &

  • keep them,

then you need to develop them on their terms according to a Harvard Business Report. Simply put, grow them or lose them.

Organizations traditionally focus on growing technical skills, but young professionals want to develop leadership & people skills. The challenge is they learn, act & socialize differently & training needs to fit them.


MExit provides large group training in leadership & skills development that is designed to bridge the gap between generations; building mutual respect & appreciation that creates a “one” team environment where everyone wins.

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The Most Cost-Effective Way to Consciously Transform Your Culture:

Large group Networkshop™ training is the most cost-effective way for you to retain talent, build morale, engage & motivate all generations of your staff & transform your culture. The unique, MExit Future Leader Development Program:

  1. Build culture & morale - real engagement bridges generations & breaks down silos

  2. 2/3 of costs are covered by government training grants!

  3. Low cost per person (cohorts up to 80)

  4. Qualified for professional development hours 

  5. The 90-minute modular format makes it practical to involve everyone. (delivered individually or in ½ day sessions, online or in-person)

Future Leaders Development Program

“Leadership Without a Title”

Leadership is not about titles, it’s about a passion for excellence & making a difference, you want everyone in your business to think and act like a leader. MExit's Future Leaders development is offered as an internal corporate leadership certificate program(s); Level 1 and Level 2. Networkshops are formatted as 1 ½ hour sessions that can be delivered as learning lunches, breakfasts, or after work sessions which makes it practical to deliver to all of your people. Sessions can also be combined into 1/2 day events if desired. The design is 60% presentation of proven best-practice frameworks, 40% experiential, collaborative small group discussions to build relationships. To anchor & sustain learning, peer-mentoring, accountability partners and action commitment forms are used to provide support between workshops. Individual and custom Networkshops are also available.


The Leadership Challenge:

  1. Model the Way

  2. Inspire a Shared Vision

  3. Challenge the Process

  4. Enable Others to Act

  5. Encourage the Heart



  • A Culture of Accountability

  • Agile Change Management

  • Behavioural Profiling

  • Better Meetings

  • Building & Using KPIs

  • Building Great Teams

  • Coaching for Performance

  • Communications Toolbox


  • Crucial Conversations

  • ESG is the Future

  • Getting Things Done

  • Hiring the Right People

  • Indigenous Awareness

  • Innovation

  • Making Yourself Promotable

  • Mastermind Peer Mentoring

  • Performance Management

  • Respectful Workplace

  • Role Mapping

  • Talent Mapping

  • Team Problem Solving

  • Team Decision Making

  • Trust Building Using TQ

MExit's future leaders training & development programs are a key component of the Business Growth Transformation Process but are also available to organizations that are not Exit Planning & Execution clients. Training dates and skills programs will be coordinated specifically with each client.