Why Choose MExit?


MAXIMIZE VALUE - Sell your business for more! The most value is created before & after the deal, not in the deal! Most other advisors focus on "the deal", we focus on creating the maximum value before the deal for sellers (and after the deal for buyers). This is the highest ROI investment you can make in setting yourself up for a great exit.


EXIT READINESS - Our vision is for every small-medium business owner to have the support they need to ensure a great exit from their business by making it not dependent on you. There are lots of people to advise you on what you need to do, but very few who will show you how to do it, we are the "grow to exit" strategy execution specialists. 


EXIT ATTRACTIVENESS - If you want to maximize your exit attractiveness to earn a strategic premium price, in addition to making the business not dependent on you, operational excellence, and creating future growth opportunities, you also need to bring ESG (environmental, social, governance) into the DNA of your business. We can future-proof your business and get you the best sale price by also incorporating ESG into your operations and culture before your sale.


KNOW TO GROW TO SELL EXECUTION - We are the exit strategy execution specialists because that is what produces results. The Owner's exit plan is the first stage, which estimates and builds on the current value of your business so you know the key changes needed to achieve its greatest potential strategic value. The second stage is empowering the business to grow to sell by strategically planning and executing the value growth changes that will enable you to sell your business for more!


ENSURE A GREAT EXIT - We are part of the bigger support team of specialized advisors you need to ensure a great exit.  We are experienced, proven entrepreneurs, executives and business professionals acting as your exit planning & "execution" business coach to coordinate with your exit advisory team and ensure you sell your business for more!