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Why Choose MExit?


MAXIMIZE VALUE - By making the business scalable to be salable, and not dependent on the owners! Saleable value is created before the deal, not in the deal! Most advisors focus on "the deal", we focus on maximizing the salable value in the business before the deal. This is the highest ROI investment an owner can make in setting themselves up for success.


EXIT READINESS - Our vision is for every small-medium business owner to have the support they need to ensure a maximum-value transition. There are lots of people to advise on WHAT they need to do, but very few will coach them on HOW to grow the business to its greatest potential, without depending on the owners. 


EXIT ATTRACTIVENESS - If owners want to maximize exit attractiveness to earn a strategic premium price, they must grow salable value. This means growing people, processes, skills & disciplines that drive operational excellence and create market growth opportunities. Bringing sustainability and ESG into the business will also attract strategic buyers and a higher value.


CONFIDENCE - We are the value-acceleration / growth transformation specialists that make maximum-value exits possible. We provide proven people, processes & discipline needed to grow and transform the business so it is scalable, salable and not dependent on the owners! This gives owners the control and freedom to transition on their terms so they can have their best life ever, in the business and beyond. 


IT TAKES A TEAM TO GROW A MAXIMUM-VALUE BUSINESS - We are part of the bigger support team of specialized advisors owners need to grow the maximum-value in their business & set them up for success.  We are experienced, proven entrepreneurs, executives and business coaches supporting owners and their teams to ensure they have the personal and financial legacy they truly want!

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