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John Higgins, MExit cofounder, strategic business advisor, and scaling up acquisition specialist, shares his wisdom gained in over 90 acquisitions he's made over the years growing billion-dollar companies. John explains how buyers think and what they look for that sellers need to know. Buyers are looking for growth opportunities, and companies that are strategically positioned to grow, have a team that has proven they can execute, have demonstrated some traction in the growth opportunities and have the systems and disciplines in place that mean the growth is not dependent on the ownership. How does your business growth ability stack up for you to demand a premium?

There is a whole series of interviews with John, please have a look at the others as well, they contain lots of gems from him.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this, please share in the comments and pass it on.

Remember, only 1 in 10 owners exit successfully, will you? If you want to exit in the next 5 years and you aren't diligently transitioning you are taking a huge risk. If you want an outside opinion on your exit readiness, and the things you can do to maximize value such as incorporating ESG, we have a pro-bono exit readiness assessment you can do in 5 minutes, that will give you some great insight, at no cost, no risk and no obligation. MExit – Value Builder PREScore -

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