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UNDERSTAND HOW TO TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL! - Many businesses are stuck, they just can't grow to that next level. Growing a business requires transformation, because the same old thinking, gets the same old results. You must transform to grow & your growth will be transformational. Transformational growth is the best way to create value, regardless of whether you want to sell or keep your business. Join us on December 8th @ 12:00pm to learn how.

Transformation is overcoming your:

  • Inability to Scale – Launching the next phase of the company's growth

  • Failure to Grow Leadership - getting people to step-up & align around a new vision

  • Poor Strategy Execution - ensuring the success of strategic initiatives

  • Succession Gaps - hiring, growing & keeping the best talent to lead into a better future

  • Hyper-Growth – manage growth so it doesn’t kill the business

  • Broken Culture – fixing a lack of accountability, dysfunctional teams, silos, poor engagement, no fun

  • Inability to Attract Investment - $ to grow in an “ESG” financial world

We invite you to join us on December 8th @ 12pm for this Unleashing Transformational Growth Workshop where you'll learn about a proven agile growth transformation process & an ESG-conscious business philosophy that drives transformational business growth:

  • Grow Revenue – using innovation, initiative & discipline to deliver more value to more people

  • Grow Profitability – driving operational excellence & exceptional customer experience

  • Grow Leadership & Talent – attract, develop & retain the best people & grow leaders at all levels

  • Grow Capacity – installing the systems, processes & tools to scale

  • Grow Adaptability (AQ) – making the business agile, resilient & adaptive

  • Grow Accountability – using data & KPIs to set everyone up for success

  • Grow Culture – a workplace where great people grow, thrive & succeed as a team

Attendees will take away an understanding of:

  1. The 3 Keys to Unleash Transformational Growth

  2. The 3 Strategy Pillars to "KNOW"

  3. The 3 Strategy Execution Pillars to "GROW"

  4. The 3 Culture Disciplines to "TRANSFORM"

  5. The Agile method to overcome the 6 Transformation Inhibitors

It is $75 for the session, but you or anyone you invite can attend using the code RP100 on the top left of the first registration page for a complimentary ticket. Regardless, the session has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The registration link is: . Also, all participants receive a Business Growth Transformation Program Workbook to guide them after the session.

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