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ESG IS INCREASING VALUATIONS IN M&A - This recent BCLP report on ESG in M&A Transactions - Present and Future, tells the same story we've been predicting for a couple of years now. Money likes a good ESG story in the M&A world, to the extent that it is paying a premium for it because it attracts investors, better customers, the best talent and a social license to grow. This is further reinforcing a recent report by McKinsey outlining that the future for ESG is only getting stronger as this is a societal trend that is only going to grow. If you are a skeptic, then just accept you'll take a discount on the sale of your business or pay a premium for the money you need to grow.

You can download the full article below. Let us know what you think & please share it if you like it. Also, we offer an Exit Planning 101 Workshop every month where you can learn what you need to know to set yourself up for a great exit.

ARTICLE - ESG in the M and A Present and Future - BCLP
Download PDF • 622KB
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