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BETTER TOOLS PRODUCE BETTER RESULTS - I forgot to share that I successfully completed the certification program as an accredited Capitaliz Advisory Partner, using the Caplitaliz business valuation and acceleration platform.

Capitaliz is one of the great tools we use to deliver accurate business valuations and consistent guidance for growing business value in preparation for an exit. This is the best platform we've found to provide the same type of sophisticated financial analysis and valuation workup that a smart, experienced business buyer would prepare. You could hand the report we produce to a buyer and prove that you understand what they are looking for. It also provides a value growth map of the things you need to do to maximize the exit value.

Capitaliz gives us superb input and direction for our MExit exit planning and (most importantly) execution program which enables the advisor to consistently lead and support the business in growing and thriving; regardless of ownership. Lastly, it enables us to present a simple and clear business case ROI to show owners how much value is created by working with us.

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