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This is the video of the workshop we delivered on December 8th, 2022.

UNDERSTAND HOW TO UNLEASH TRANSFORMATIONAL GROWTH & TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL! - Many businesses are stuck, they can't grow to that next level. Growing a business requires transformation, because the same old thinking, gets the same old results. Transformation is about having the people, tools, process and discipline to do what is necessary to take the business to the next level. You can do it if you know how.

Watch this & take away an understanding of:

  1. The 3 Keys to Unleash Transformational Growth

  2. The 3 Strategy Pillars to "KNOW"

  3. The 3 Strategy Execution Pillars to "GROW"

  4. The 3 Culture Disciplines to "TRANSFORM"

  5. The Agile method to overcome the 6 Transformation Inhibitors

Understand transformation is overcoming your:

  • Inability to Scale – Launching the next phase of the company's growth

  • Failure to Grow Leadership - getting people to step up & align around a new vision

  • Poor Strategy Execution - ensuring the success of strategic initiatives

  • Succession Gaps - hiring, growing & keeping the best talent to lead into a better future

  • Hyper-Growth – manage growth so it doesn’t kill the business

  • Broken Culture – fixing a lack of accountability, dysfunctional teams, silos, poor engagement, no fun

  • Inability to Attract Investment - $ to grow in an “ESG” financial world

Understanding transformation enables you to:

  • Grow Revenue – using innovation, initiative & discipline to deliver more value to more people

  • Grow Profitability – driving operational excellence & exceptional customer experience

  • Grow Leadership & Talent – attract, develop & retain the best people & grow leaders at all levels

  • Grow Capacity – installing the systems, processes & tools to scale

  • Grow Adaptability (AQ) – making the business agile, resilient & adaptive

  • Grow Accountability – using data & KPIs to set everyone up for success

  • Grow Culture – a workplace where great people grow, thrive & succeed as a team

Speakers: Brad Gaulin, P.Eng., MBA & Rob Welke, B.Comm. CEPA are Growth Transformation Business Coaches, ensuring you as a business owner have the people, tools & processes needed to grow your business to the next level! They have over 75 years of experience as serial entrepreneurs, executives & business advisors. They’ve worked in industrial products/services, engineering, construction, financial services, innovation & technology.

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