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Having solid, clearly defined business processes ensures efficient and effective delivery of your product or services. They are what you deliver and are the guardrails for quality assurance.

Having clearly written and well-defined procedures are how you deliver on your business processes. Without written procedures you cannot provide a clear path for your team to execute on the processes you have. Furthermore, it is impossible to effectively scale a business without procedures to support your business processes.

If your ultimate goal is to exit your business via a sale, you will need to ensure every aspect of your business has clear business processes and the procedures to deliver on them, and equally importantly: to train the team on how the business is run - effectively your "This Is How We Do It Here Manual". The attached "Definitive Guide to SOPs" can help you kickstart your procedures development.

If you want to see how ready you are for an exit, complete our PREScore assessment here:

Download PDF • 4.01MB

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