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Salability Should Be Your Goal

VB Article - Hidden Goal -Salability - Nov 2021
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Salability should be the goal for every business owner. Why would anyone spend years building a company only to walk away from it at the end? It sounds ridiculous, yet 9 out of 10 business owners do just that, they have nothing to sell when it is time to retire.

Preparing a business takes time, an understanding of what creates and enhances value, and what a buyer is looking for. Not every business owner will know what to do to prepare their busies, after all its not their business to do that. Expertise on how to effectively enhance value in a company before it is sold is available to owners, if they want it.

Exit Planning is specialized execution framework that can be employed to create, enhance and solidify value before an owner is ready to sell so that they can maximize the value of their exit.

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