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Mind the Gap

RW Article - Mind the Gap - Dec 2021
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Planning begins with the end in mind, but to plan effectively, you need to know the rules of the game. For business owners who hope to sell their businesses to support their life-after-work goals, they first need to have clarity around those rules and their goals.

For many business owners, an understanding of what is needed to support those goals is not so clear. Creating an exit plan that addresses all three of the critical and necessary plans: their personal (life-after-work) plan, their personal financial plan, and the business financial plan will create that clarity.

Having a clear picture of what your business is worth today, what you need it to be worth when you decide to sell, and how to get to there are the key elements to creating an exit plan. The next steps are executing the plan, and this is where the Exit Planning framework delivers the execution discipline necessary for a successful maximum value exit.

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