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Getting to Yes in Inflationary Times

If you want to create significant value in your company you need to change your paradigm, or your view of the world around you. Subscription and productized service models led to significant value increases for companies that were able to successfully adopt this approach - predictabe, recurring revenues create huge value in a sale.

Another paradigm shift needs to occur as companies grapple with impending inflationary pressures. One way to do this is via Step Change - where you make a significant improvement to your offering over small incremental changes. In the attached article you will see examples of how Step Change actions led to significant results for companies that were able to execute on it.

As a business owner who needs to exit your business at some point (and we all do - it is just a matter of whether we choose to do it on our terms or someone else's), there is a need to change your paradigm about value and how you enhance it so you can get the most out of your business when it is time to transition.

If you want to see how ready you are for your transition, we invite you to complete the PREScore assessment here:

The Yes Box
Download PDF • 7.38MB

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