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Famous or Rich?

Left to the universe, most owners will become famous rather than rich. Like a river with a subtle current, there are a variety of structural reasons small business owners become local celebrities, even if it is just inside the four walls of their office, plant, or store.

Customers want you to pay attention to their account, employees want your feedback and encouragement, and your industry peers want you to show them your secrets. As a result, most founders become well known to their customers, employees, and community, but often that fame comes at the expense of the value of their business. After all, a company dependent on its owner is next to worthless to an outsider.

If your goal is to build wealth through owning a company, you must fight against these natural forces that — left unchecked — will move you away from building a valuable business.

In our eBook, “Famous or Rich” you’ will see that owners who focus on building value take proactive steps to prioritize the value of their company over their personal popularity. They are essentially swimming upstream, fighting the natural forces that are pushing them to the center of their company.

We inviite you to download a free copy of the eBook “Famous or Rich” here:

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