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Be A Dart - Not a Shotgun

In order to be successful in building a business that will outlast you, you need to think about keeping things simple. You need a laser focus on the customer you serve best, a laser focus on what works effectively and successfully, and a laser focus on building a team that can deliver what you promise over and over again.

Entrepreneurs are curious folk who tend to always find shiny new things that distract them, and their business suffers as a result. Reinventing the wheel when it is running smoothly only wastes time, energy and resources, and ultimately results in a business that plateaus and never grows beyond a certain level.

The secret to avoiding this plateau and continuing to grow is to be brutally disciplined in only serving customers in your bull’s eye for much longer than it feels natural. A laser focus requires a clear vision, clear priorities and a team that can consistently deliver because you have made it easy for them do do so.

VB Article The Big thing holding back small business Repost Jun 2022
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