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Maximum-value Exit Planning & Execution


If you want to exit your business in the next 5 years & you aren’t diligently working on your transition you are taking a huge risk!


BDC has warned of a tidal wave coming in the next 5 years of business owners wanting to exit their businesses: 

  • Only 1 in 10 (10%) small-medium businesses sell as planned

  • Over 40% of business owners plan to exit in the next 5 years, creating an over-supply & a “buyers’ market”

  • 85-90% of the average business owner’s net worth is tied up in their business

  • 80% of businesses put up for sale don’t sell

  • Of the 20% of businesses that do sell, the average sales price is 1/2 of what the owner thought it was worth

  • Only 30% of family businesses successfully transition to the second generation; 12% transfer to the third generation

  • 2/3 of small businesses are just closed when the owner retires

What happens to your family, staff, customers, suppliers, and community, if you can't sell your business? Don't leave it to chance!


You’ve built a great business but how do you ensure a great exit?

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MExit™  (Maximum-value Exit Planning & Execution) has a proven “Know to Grow to Sell”™ program for small-medium businesses, providing the people, tools & processes you need to sell your business for more! Great execution is the key to having the personal & financial legacy you truly want from your business. 

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A great exit doesn’t just happen, it is a conscious transformation done well before the deal, with a "Know to Grow to Sell" process, driving planned action, executed well, enabling you to sell your business for more when it is time for your exit.

A Great Exit Requires 2 Plans

Recognize that the Owner's plan is unique to them, the business also needs a plan to grow, regardless of ownership.

Owner's Exit Plan & Execution

Owner's must undestand the financial, social and economic legacy they want to leave & have a clear vision for their life after this business.

Business Growth Plan & Execution

Transforming the business to be able to grow & thrive, regardless of ownership, maximizes the value & minimizes the transition timeframe between owners.


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Creating the greatest value for Sellers well before the transaction, by knowing & growing the business so they can sell the business for more!


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