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Maximum-value Exit Planning & Execution



If an owner wants to exit their businesses in the next 5 years & they aren’t working on their transition already, they are setting themselves up for failure!

Every business owner would act faster if they knew

  • Only 1 in 20 small-medium business owners have maximum-value exits.

  • 80% of businesses put up for sale don’t sell, & of the 20% of businesses that do sell, 75% of owners have regrets.

  • 80-90% of the average business owner’s net worth is tied up in their business.

  • CFIB says over 76% of business owners plan to exit in the next 10 years, creating a tidal wave & an extreme “buyers’ market”.

  • 2/3 of businesses are closed when the owner leaves

  • Only 30% of family businesses successfully transition to the second generation; 12% transfer to the third generation

Going forward, only the best-prepared companies will sell!

What happens to those they care about most (family, staff, customers, suppliers, and the community) if they can't cash out of their business???


They’ve built great businesses but how can they be sure to harvest the wealth they've grown?

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MExit  (Maximum-value Exit Planning & Execution), enables them to beat the 1 in 20 odds. We make maximum-value exits possible by making businesses scalable to be salable & not dependent on the owners. In doing this, we give owners their best life ever, in the business & beyond. We provide them with the people, processes, tools & discipline needed to ensure success. Acting now is the best strategy for owners to have the personal & financial legacy they truly want from their life's work. 

A maximum-value exit requires owners prepare & execute 2 plans. The Owner’s Plan (which is all about them), & the Business’s Growth Transformation Plan (which is making the business scalable to be salable & not depend on them). Attend one of our "What is Your Business Worth?" networkshops to learn more (events are posted in the Blog). 

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Our Services

Our Services

Exit planning is what you get from any advisor. Where MExit specializes, is in business value-acceleration / growth transformation, which makes the business scalable to be salable & not dependent on the owners.  We empower owners & the team staying in the business to take it to the next level (without depending on the owners). This gives them the freedom & control to transition on their terms. MExit is the business value-acceleration / growth transformation specialist that sets owners up for a Maximum-value Exit.

A Max-Value Exit Requires 2 Plans

Recognize that the Owner's plan is unique to them, while the business also needs a plan to grow, without depending on the owner(s).

Owner's Plan & Execution

Owner's must undestand the financial, social and economic legacy they want to leave & have a clear vision for their life after this business.

Business Growth Plan & Execution

Transforming the business to be able to grow & thrive, without depending on the owners, maximizes the extractable value & owner control & minimizes the transition between owners.

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Making Maximum-value Exits possible by making the business scalable to be salable, & not dependent on the owners!

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