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Timeline for a Maximum Value Exit

Selling a business takes time, and usually more than most business owners realize, especially if they want to get it right. Given that most business owners only get one chance to get it right, it is rather concerning that most don't prepare for a successful sale.

I had a great conversation with a business owner I know who had sold his previous business. We discussed both what needs to be done, and the real timeline for preparing a business for a truly successful, high value exit.

Because he didn't get full value from the sale of his business due to his inexperience in negotiating the sale terms, he is being intentional about preparing his current business for a sale in 8-10 years. He is putting a plan in place to ensure he creates a strong, high value company that will be ready for a maximum value sale when he is ready to exit.

Taking the necessary time to learn what needs to be done and then allocating the resources and time to do it will make all the difference in the world. Exit Planning provides a solid framework with a disciplined execution process to ensure a maximum value exit on your terms.

RW Article - Preparing for the Sale Timeline - Repost
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